I’ve installed my sticker pack but can’t find it!

1. The Problem

Apple have really dropped the usability ball with their iMessage sticker packs. We have previously done a blog post to help people install their sticker pack but even if you manage to install it, finding the stickers takes some doing and there are a few tricks you need to be aware of.

2. Where are my Stickers???

If the sticker pack is showing as installed in the purchased section of the app store on your iOS device then you are half way there. See image below. If they are not showing as installed then refer to our earlier blog on how to install them.



3. How do I insert a sticker???

There are 2 scenarios, an exisiting text conversation and starting a new one. The process is pretty similar for both. The main difference for a new conversation is that you CAN NOT add a sticker until you have inserted the To: mobile number.



4. I still don’t see any stickers!!!

If you can’t see the icon that looks like an A made out of pencils (in the image above), then you need to tap on the “>” icon, next to where you type the text of your SMS. This is shown in the image below.



5. STLLL NO STICKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok we are getting closer. If you tap on the “A” icon (I have no idea what it is supposed to represent – it looks like the Xcode icon), then if you have used stickers before you will see the ones that you have used most recently. See image below.



You can swipe left and right from here to see your various sticker packs. If you have never used stickers before, then you may have to tap on the icon in the bottom left which looks like 4 ovals, once again have a look at the image above if this isn’t clear.

Tapping on the “4 ovals” icon will bring up all the sticker packs that you have installed. You can tap on the one that you want to use. See image below. This screen also gives you access to the iMessage app store.



6. Phew I have found the stickers – how do I use them?

Well there are 2 ways.

  • You can tap on a sticker which will place it in the text box. From there you can delete it by tapping on the little x icon or send it by tapping the green up arrow icon.
  • You can also tap and drag a sticker anywhere on an exisiting conversation. This is the trick that our Response sticker pack uses to change what people have said. Note that you need to tap and hold until the lift animation occurs – then you can drag the sticker onto the conversation.


Installing Test Fairy on your iOS device

1. What is Test Fairy?

Test Fairy is a cloud based beta testing service. We used to use TestFlight but then Apple bought the company and made it for iOS only. Test Fairy allows your users to have a common beta testing experience whether they are using Android or iOS. In addition to providing a deployment tool for your ad hoc builds, Test Fairy provides the developer with useful analytics that help track down issues.


2. Invitation to be a Tester

The first step in becoming a beta tester is that you will receive an email which looks like the following image. You need to open this email on the iOS device that you want to use for testing (i.e. your iPhone or iPad). Then tap on the link which says “Please click here to register your mobile device”. This will send the developer a copy of that devices UDID.

The reason that you need to open the email on your iOS device is that in order for a developer to distribute apps outside the app store, they need to include the unique device ID (UDID) of your iPhone or iPad in the build. This prevents developers from selling outside the app store as it is quite a painful process to add a UDID and each developer is only allowed to add 100 devices of each type per year. For iOS apps, we can register 100 iPad, 100 iPhone, and 100 iPod Touch devices. This is in total, it doesn’t matter how many apps you have. Each time you add a device you need to add it in iTunes Connect, update the provisioning profile, import the new provisioning profile into your build, recompile and redistribute.

A UDID looks something like this - 2b6f0cc904d137be2e1730235f5664094b831186.



3. Registering your Device

Tapping the link in your email will open the following page in a web browser on your device. Tap on the Register Device button to send your UDID to the developer.



4. Install the Test Fairy Device Management Profile

Tapping on Register Device will take you to the device management profile installation screen. Tap Install in the top right corner.

To be able to monitor and limit usage on Apple devices, a device management profile is used. This profile allows the phone to send your UDID to the Test Fairy servers.



5. Authorise installation of Profile

Enter the normal unlock code for the device when asked to “Enter Passcode”. This ensures that you have the authority to install the profile.




6. Confirm Installation

Tap Install (again!).


7. Confirmation Message

All done. Any questions please contact your developer!


Another iMessage Sticker Pack


Following on from the relative success (about one sale per day at the moment) of the Response sticker pack for iPhone (see previous post), we have released another called Movie Quotes.

My favourite quote – “One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I don’t know.” Let me know if I have missed any great quotes that should be included.

You can check out the sticker pack on iTunes or via the iMessage app store on your phone.

I bought an iMessage Sticker pack on iTunes and can’t find it on my phone!!

In a recent post we mentioned that had released a sticker pack for the new iMessage store. No doubt these will sink without a trace amongst the millions of sticker packs being approved, but we did notice one issue when we purchased our own pack to try it out.


Response sticker pack on iTunes

Response sticker pack on iTunes


We purchased the pack on iTunes and then assumed it would automatically load onto our phone. Apparently not! So then we tried to find it on the iMessage store from our phone. Response didn’t even show up in the search results when we searched for “Response”. This is disturbing for a couple of reasons, firstly it doesn’t bode well for sales if you can’t find it even if you know its name. Secondly, even if you manage to find and purchase it, how do you download it if you can’t find it??

There is a way, but it isn’t straight forward – hence the post. The easiest way to find your sticker pack is to open the app store app on your phone or iPad, tap on the Updates tool bar and then tap “Purchased”. You can download and install the sticker pack from there. The following describes how I found this out…

Start by opening the iMessage app, tap on the icon that looks like an A made out of pencils (no I don’t get it), and then tap on the grid looking icon in the bottom left of the screen.


This will open up the screen shown below. Tap on the “+” store icon.


Which will display the iMessage store. Tap on the Manage segmented control (i.e. button) at the top of the screen.


I expected to find the app I had purchased here. Nope. You need to scroll to the bottom and tap on “Purchased”. This will take you to the app store app, where you can download and install your sticker pack.


New iMessage Sticker Pack!

DISCLAIMER! Self promoting post follows! I wanted to try out the new iMessage functionality so I whipped up a sticker pack of my favourite quotes. If there is something you would like to see in there let me know and I’ll add it to the next version. Don’t forget those 5 star gushing reviews!!

*** AD FOLLOWS ***

Got an iPhone or iPad? Use iMessages? Want to have a bit of fun with people you text with? You can drag these stickers over your friends text and rewrite history!! Never lose another argument again!

Includes some of my favourite quotes like “Get to the chopper!” or “The sea was angry that day my friends”! So if you want to be so hot right now, then you need to download Response. Just click on the link below.

Check out the NEW Response sticker pack from Reefwing Software!