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Reefwing Software are the creators of Life Goals, Life Audit, Life Movie, Personality Profile, Ink Blot Profile, Message Mate & Number Converter. They have over 150,000 app downloads. The following is a summary of the apps produced by Reefwing. If required, you can find more detail on the Apps page.

Message Mate

Scheduling emails, messages, tweets and status updates for Facebook can come in very handy for remembering important birthdays and anniversaries. Organising regular team activities becomes simple with pre-prepared messages. It also isn’t bad for making people think that you are hard at work late at night and on weekends…

Message Mate allows you to do this and more. You can compose a message and schedule it for delivery at a designated date and time. Delivery services supported are:

  • Email;
  • SMS (i.e. Message);
  • Twitter;
  • Facebook;
  • Weibo (in China);
  • Print; and
  • Copy.

Life Movie

What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve”. This is the philosophy of Napoleon Hill, one of the greatest motivators of all time and author of the best selling book, “Think and Grow Rich.” Regularly visualising your goals using Life Movie will cause your sub conscious mind to start working on how they may be achieved.

Personality Profile

Reefwing Personality Profile is a FREE iPhone App and can be used to gain insight into your character. Answer just a few quick questions and you will be provided with a description of your personality traits. The App allows you to email the results, so you can share them with your friends. The results are based on extensive research but are not meant to be taken too seriously.

Ink Blot Test

The Rorschach Ink Blot Test measures both perception and association. It will provide you with insight into your personality characteristics and emotional functioning. You can purchase as a stand alone App or as an in-App purchase from Personality Profile.

Life Audit

By answering just a few questions, our free App Life Audit will give you a graphical representation of your Life Balance. As the pace of life increases at an exponential rate we sometimes forget to focus on what is important as opposed to what is urgent. Using Life Audit you will quickly be able to see the areas of your life that are getting the most focus and more importantly, the areas that you are neglecting.

Life Goals

Life Goals (rated 9/10 at the iPhone App Review site) can help you design the life you want. If Life Audit has indicated deficiencies, then Life Goals can help you correct them. By categorising your goals and rating the impact and effort required, Life Goals will automatically prioritise your tasks and tell you what your next best steps are. This way you focus on doing what will have the greatest impact on your life.

Number Converter

NumCon is the FREE version of NumCon Pro and allows you to convert numbers into different bases and ASCII. Simply enter a number and the application will show you the corresponding number in the other bases.

Number Converter Pro

NumCon Pro) is a calculator designed for programmers. It converts numbers between binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal. In addition, you can perform the following operations on any combination of these bases:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • AND
  • OR
  • XOR
  • 1′s Complement
  • Shift Left
  • Shift Right

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