In addition to developing in house apps, Reefwing Software provides out sourced app development services. As members of the App Happening Advisory Panel, we have extensive experience in taking an app from idea to commercialisation on the app store.

By filling in a few fields fields on our Quote Screen you will provide us with a good initial description of the app that you want to develop. Don’t worry if you can’t fill in all the fields at this stage, we understand that development is an iterative process. We may need to come back to you with some questions before providing a quote if your description is too vague, so be as detailed as you can. Comparison with an existing app can help communicate your design and explain the look and feel that you are after. Another great way to explain what you want in more detail is to send us wire frames (rough sketches) of each of the app screens and explain how the user moves from one screen to another.


  1. We will use the latest frameworks and software to produce the app. The app will be optimised for the display sizes and resolutions specified.
  2. If this is a free app it can be published under our Developer account. For iOS apps, if it is a paid app then we will transfer it to your account upon approval by Apple (Client will need to provide the relevant account details – Team ID and the Apple ID for your Team Agent).
  3. If there are any specific images that you want us to use (e.g. a Company logo), then please provide those in png format with a width of at least 640 pixels.
  4. We will use TestFlight (www.testflightapp.com) to alpha and beta test iOS apps and TestFairy (www.testfairy.com) for Android apps. This will allow us to push out interim builds directly to your device, and provides a much better indication of progress than just screenshots. You will need to provide us an email address which can be accessed from your device and for iOS apps we will have to register your device with Apple (to allow you to receive ad hoc builds).

Other Considerations

There is other information that we will require for submission of the app but which isn’t needed for our initial quote. For example, if you are building an iOS app and want to get the app approved by Apple for sale via iTunes then you will need to provide the following:

  1. What app stores (i.e. countries) do you want the app available from?
  2. A description of the app to be displayed in iTunes, detailing features and functionality. Descriptions cannot be longer than 4000 characters.
  3. One or more keywords that describe the app. When users search the App Store, the terms they enter are matched with keywords to return more accurate results. Separate multiple keywords with commas. Total keyword list cannot be longer than 100 characters.
  4. A URL that provides support for the app you are adding. This will be visible to customers on the App Store. We can use the Reefwing Software site or you can supply one.
  5. Marketing URL (this is optional) - A URL with information about the app. If provided, this will be visible to customers on the App Store.
  6. Privacy Policy URL (this is optional) - A URL that links to your company’s privacy policy. Privacy policies are recommended for all apps collecting user or device related data, and required for apps that offer auto-renewable or are designed for kids. or free subscriptions, or as otherwise required by law.

Requirements for Android Google Play submissions are similar.

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