Dogi – iMessage Sticker Pack 4

Dog Emoticons / Emojis – that’s it!

If you love dogs then what better way to express your emotions than to use dog emoticons?

Do you have difficulty communicating your feelings. Dogi is here to help.


The pack of 45 stickers covers things like:

  • ø I love you (or possibly I love your shoes);
  • ø Let’s go play!
  • ø Feel like a swim?
  • ø I’m not happy Jan.
  • ø Dance time?
  • ø Let’s sneak out.
  • ø Drink? Too much drink?
  • ø Help!!!
  • ø I don’t feel so good…
  • ø Stick ‘em up!
  • ø Bath?
  • ø You electrify me!
  • ø Happy!
  • ø Pouting.
  • ø I fart in your general direction.
  • ø You look at things differently.
  • ø I’m gonna run to you.
  • ø Nap time.
  • ø Joe Cool.
  • ø You’re number 1!
  • ø Ground Control to Major Tom…
  • ø Hungry?
  • ø Woops.
  • ø You embarrassed me!
  • ø Cold?!
  • ø Rudolph
  • ø Your turn to cook.
  • ø Halloween Dog
  • ø Whistle while you…
  • ø This is what I think of your idea.

I bought an iMessage Sticker pack on iTunes and can’t find it on my phone!!

In a recent post we mentioned that had released a sticker pack for the new iMessage store. No doubt these will sink without a trace amongst the millions of sticker packs being approved, but we did notice one issue when we purchased our own pack to try it out.


Response sticker pack on iTunes

Response sticker pack on iTunes


We purchased the pack on iTunes and then assumed it would automatically load onto our phone. Apparently not! So then we tried to find it on the iMessage store from our phone. Response didn’t even show up in the search results when we searched for “Response”. This is disturbing for a couple of reasons, firstly it doesn’t bode well for sales if you can’t find it even if you know its name. Secondly, even if you manage to find and purchase it, how do you download it if you can’t find it??

There is a way, but it isn’t straight forward – hence the post. The easiest way to find your sticker pack is to open the app store app on your phone or iPad, tap on the Updates tool bar and then tap “Purchased”. You can download and install the sticker pack from there. The following describes how I found this out…

Start by opening the iMessage app, tap on the icon that looks like an A made out of pencils (no I don’t get it), and then tap on the grid looking icon in the bottom left of the screen.


This will open up the screen shown below. Tap on the “+” store icon.


Which will display the iMessage store. Tap on the Manage segmented control (i.e. button) at the top of the screen.


I expected to find the app I had purchased here. Nope. You need to scroll to the bottom and tap on “Purchased”. This will take you to the app store app, where you can download and install your sticker pack.


New iMessage Sticker Pack!

DISCLAIMER! Self promoting post follows! I wanted to try out the new iMessage functionality so I whipped up a sticker pack of my favourite quotes. If there is something you would like to see in there let me know and I’ll add it to the next version. Don’t forget those 5 star gushing reviews!!

*** AD FOLLOWS ***

Got an iPhone or iPad? Use iMessages? Want to have a bit of fun with people you text with? You can drag these stickers over your friends text and rewrite history!! Never lose another argument again!

Includes some of my favourite quotes like “Get to the chopper!” or “The sea was angry that day my friends”! So if you want to be so hot right now, then you need to download Response. Just click on the link below.

Check out the NEW Response sticker pack from Reefwing Software!